JAECKEL.APRILE – The Modern Acoustic Duo

An acoustic guitar and a velvety voice – the duo JAECKEL.APRILE does not need more than that to create beautiful and energetic music. Dominik Jaeckel and Daniele Aprile impress with the clarity of their arrangements and their way of blending jazz, soul and pop. Only with voice and guitar, the musicians create an illusion of listening to a whole band with drums, double bass and even brass. Percussive fingerstyle sounds floating out of the guitar, lyrics, trumpet and beatbox sounds from Jaeckel’s lips – those are the ingredients of the strikingly full sound and the crispy dynamic of this duo.
Reduce to the max – that’s their secret!

»Für alle Fans guter Musik!« Thomas Fellow (Friend 'n' Fellow)

»Warme Klänge rieseln in die Ohren des Hörers und ein scheinbar vertrautes Gefühl klettert an den Beinen nach oben.« (Pavillon, 2010)

»Sie kennen ihre Songs und die Zusammenarbeit ist makellos, lupenrein und aprilfrisch.« (Jazz Podium, 2010)

Dominik Jäckel vocalist and arts manager. Played several hundred concerts e.g. at the Montreux Jazz Festival, the ZMF Freiburg and the Fête de la Musique in Strasbourg and sang as opening act for stars like James Brown, Solomon Burke and Van Morrison.

Daniele Aprile was already studying music at the age of 15 years (Frankfurt Music Workshop and conservatory Mannheim) and is one of the hottest guitar players in Germany.









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